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X-Men: The Last Stand
The government discovers a cure for the genetic mutations which have created the X-Men and the Brotherhood, two warring factions of mutants.


Berenstain Bears – Fun …
Join Mama Bear (Camilla Scott), Papa Bear (Ben Campbell), Brother Bear (Michael Cera), and Sister Bear (Tajja Isen) as they experience a variety


Dog Whisperer with Cesar …
Dog trainer Cesar Millan helps rehabilitate unruly pets by teaching their owners about the importance of exercise and discipline. In the first .


Nancy Drew: Secret of the …
Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand is an action/adventure mystery for the PC. While working as the deputy curator at a museum full of

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Classic Actors: Humphrey Bogart

A true icon, Humphrey Bogart brought an underlying menace to his characters, along with an occasional splash of humor. Introduce your kids to this magnetic lead actor with the following list.

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When Is Your Child Ready for Their Own Computer? And what you need to know before setting it up.

So, your kid is bugging you to set up a computer in their bedroom. They’re getting good grades in school, their homework is done in a timely fashion, and their chores are taken care of with minimal hassle from parental figures in the house. Will installing a computer in their room as a reward for their efforts help them or hurt them? The answer to that question


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